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frequently asked questions

[Short EB12]

1. What kind of elements EB12 can make?

Machine is used for the production of:
- Hollow blocks for building
- Solid blocks
- Chimney blocks
- Light weight blocks
- Paving stones [with vibration plate, optional device]
- Colored paving stones [with another concrete
bunker and vibrating plate option] as Euroblock 12 DL.
- Insulated concrete blocks [with additional optional device]


2. What is difference between semiautomatic and full automatic model EB12?

Semi-automatic model:
Machine loads needed amount of mixture automatically. Worker has to finish production of blocks by pressing buttons on control panel. Worker has to be well trained to achieve needed production capacity. Worker has to control quality of made blocks and to turn machine into next line.

Full automatic model:
Worker has to make input of needed number of cycles into control panel unit and machine will finish all steps of production automatically. Worker has to control quality of made blocks and to turn machine into next line.

3. What is the capacity?

4. Do you have some VIDEO?

5. Photos?

NEW Photos from
year 2010.
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Photos from
UAE, Dubai
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6. Do you have a device for collecting dry blocks?

Yes, we do have clamps for collecting blocks. The device has to be mounted on the forklift to be used with.


7. What we need more for complete plant production?

  1. Movable block making machine [like EB12 semi or full automatic model]
  2. Mould or moulds [for different shapes, sizes], just replace mould and start another production type.
  3. Mixing system [concrete batching plant] for dry concrete mixture needed for blocks [not wet mixture]
    it can be a complete batching plant or smaller systems like MCM400, or system with pan mixer [slower].
    Usually client makes needed cement silo locally because of transport savings, but we can also make telescopic models,
    full equipped. Separate device which is needed with cement silo is cement screw conveyor.
  4. Raw materials, water, cement and electricity. We will provide needed recipes for concrete mixture.
  5. Concrete slab, flat and enough strong for production, with needs m2 for production and stocking space
  6. Electric power cables for bringing power to the machine.
  7. Water sprinkling system [like for the grass] for fresh made blocks on the slab to avoid fast drying on high temperatures.
    if block is dried faster then it should be, then it may crack inside later.
  8. 2 forklifts:
    1st one is for loading EB12 machine with mixture over concrete bunker mounted on forklift. 3 tons capacity, lifting 2 m height and upper.
    2nd forklift is equipped with collecting clamps, for collecting dried blocks from slab, or you can collect them manually.
    you may use even one forklift for both operations if you can change every they mounted device on it.
  9. Spare parts for to be replaced after some time of use of machine.
  10. Maintenance and correct set up of machine before use is VERY IMPORTANT.
  11. Everyday detailed cleaning of machine and moulds is NEEDED to have long lasting machine.







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MCM 400
Full automatic model

is best low cost solution for loading EB12
with proper capacity of concrete mixture.

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