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  Mini concrete machine - MCM 400  

MINI CONCRETE MAKING MACHINE, device of a new, model 2006. generation includes a horizontal mixer with completely planetary mixing, where the vanes on the covers of hands used for mixing can be changed and adjusted as to ensure quality concrete mass mixing. Above the mixer there is a scale which weighs aggregate and cement and it is connected, through the cell for weighing, to the computer and it operates the cement making machine. There is an opening on the mixer with teeth for cement sack opening in case cement is not batched over the scales and there is a hose for washing.

Mini cement making machine is made according to the high standards of protection at work, where all the actions on the device are protected from the touch of workers during the working process.

MCM series mini cement making machines represent one of most economical variants of production of small quantities of concrete, still they meet high quality demands of the planetary mixing. Mini cement making machine can be extra equipped at procedures of batching of cement , operating additives etc.

MCM-400 machines are completely automatized, therefore there is no need for an operator, all the operations are done automatically. Built-in system for weighing and programming ensures simple operating and only one operator is needed.

Programming of the concrete components weight is done in a simple way by entering the components for a certain mixture into the computer. A manual for operating and maintanance of the device in Serbian is delivered with the cement making machine.


 T E C H N I C A L   D A T A
Machine type
MCM 400
full automatic
pan capacity
500 liters
pan diameter
1.350 mm
output per cycle
350 liters
production from 20 up 40 cycle/hour
10/12 m3
power of hydraulic system motor
0.5 kW
power of shove motor
1.5 kW
power of screw/conveyor motor
2.2 kW

MCM mod B 1.380 kg
MCM mod CTP 1.890 kg

max lenght
8.350 mm
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