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zvezda 2nd Sept. 2016.

The new design for plant.


Complete solution for production of:

  1. Double layered [colored] paving stones.
  2. Double layered [colored] curbstones.
  3. Standard hollow and solid blocks.
  4. etc.

zvezda 10th Feb. 2011.

NEW! Latest block/paver plant
3.000 hollow blocks/h

CONTACT US for offer and more details.


zvezda 27th Dec. 2010.

The latest VIDEOS from
movable block/paver making machine

YouTUBEYouTUBEYouTUBE1st video <<<<CLICK ON LINK<<<<


zvezda 27th August 2010.

The latest VIDEOS from
stationary block/paver making machine
Universal 1000 FA

YouTUBEYouTUBEYouTUBE1st video <<<<CLICK ON LINK<<<<

YouTUBE 2nd video <<<<CLICK ON LINK<<<<


zvezda 20th October 2009.

4x EUROBLOCK 12 waiting to be delivered to the client.



zvezda 28th April 2009.

KNAUER vibration system.

More about Knauer vibrating system you can read here.

From this year we are using new designed vibration system and vibrators designed by KNAUER, Germany.
Knauer system is inserted into all UNIVERSAL FA stationary models.

and will be soon inserted into new model Universal 1000 FA, that we are devoloping for this summer 2009.

Please, check all our PRODUCTS that we make. There are lots of photos and technical infos, but if you need more, please contact us.
If you are beginner in this business check BLOCKMAKING PLANTS page and other FAQ pages.
8th April 2007.
Economic 300 plant ready for delivery.

28. March 2007.

Click on photo to enlarge.
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